Amber + Evan

Wedding Date: January 11, 2014

Venue: Meadows at Marshdale
Caterer: A Perfect Setting
Cake: Bee Sweet Bakery
Photography: Earl James Photography – Jonathan
Videographer: Adam Fusion Films – Adam Bradley
Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals

Rewind back to January 11, 2011 when Amber and Evan first meet. Evan was working where Amber was doing her internship. They started off as friends but quickly grew to more than friends. Now fast forward to January 11, 2014, exactly three years to the tee of when they first met, and Amber and Evan are saying, “I do” at the Meadows at Marshdale in Evergreen, Colorado.

Amber thought it was typical Sunday meal that Evan had planned for her and his parents but when they got to the restaurant, Amber found the table only set for two. Evan played it off by saying that his parent weren’t able to join them that night and it would just be the two of them. He had told her that he wanted a special dinner to let her know that she should be patient with him for a proposal (Amber gave Evan a hard time cause she never thought he would)! After dinner the waiter told them that dessert would be served out in the Vineyard. Not thinking anything special, since another couple were told the same thing earlier, Amber went along with it. When dessert arrived, Amber turned to say, “thank you” to the waiter and when she turned back to the table Evan was on his knee proposing. She of course said yes!

Shannyn: How did you find The Meadows and decide it would be your location?

Amber: This answer is actually now a huge joke in our families. It is a little long is worth telling. Evan and I live in Texas and were planning a Colorado wedding, so for about two months after the proposal I was addicted to the internet trying to find the perfect locations in Colorado. We had no idea what city we wanted to have it in so the search was endless. I had finally narrowed it down to one location that we loved, so I booked a time for us to come and see it. Both of our moms, Evan and I flew to Colorado for a weekend. I had our entire 48 hours planned; we would view the venue and just make sure it was like the pictures because we had already pretty much decided on the place. I had then booked a time to try the caterer right after the venue. Needless to say nothing went as planned. First, our flight was supposed to land in Colorado at 8 p.m. but we didn’t get to our hotel until 4 am Saturday morning due to our flight being delayed. Our appointment with the venue was at 9 a.m. and it was about a 30 min drive from our hotel so to say we were running on low is an understatement. We got to the venue and it was beautiful but during our walk through unfortunately things came to light that was not disclosed to me in the beginning. I of course shut down for the rest of the tour trying not to cry over all the hard work I had done and now I was back to square one without a venue and only one more day in Colorado.

We finished the tour and got into the car, my husband (fiance at the time) looks at me in the passenger seat and says the words that he will forever regret saying, “I don’t know why you are so upset!” So lets just put this together: I am running on less than four hours of sleep, I spent two months finding a venue that I was supposed to book that today and now that was shattered, and I only had one more day in Colorado to try and put the pieces together. Lets just say it was a long drive to the caterer’s. Now with all of that said it really was a blessing in disguise, my mom convinced me to not give up and to go the caterer’s and ask her for recommendations. Chiquita at A Perfect Setting was AMAZING! We knew after tasting her food that day that we would be using her. She also introduced us to The Meadows at Marshdale and The Red Barn. We toured the facility that day and fell in love with it…it was everything we wanted. From there we actually found all of our vendors: they recommend Bee Sweet Bakery who then recommended Judy, our flower lady. The  Meadows at Marshdale also recommended our DJ and photographer and our photographer introduced us to our videographer. Evan and I have Chiquita to thank for everything because without her our wedding day as we know might not have been the same.

Amber and Evan’s favorite part of the day was the ceremony. The wind died down and temperatures were warmer than expected. Amber loved being able to walk down the aisle and enjoy the beauty of everything coming together and all the hard work that had been put in with the help of family and friends. Amber and Evan wanted something that their guests could use to keep them warm for that day and in the future. Amber’s Aunt Linda and Mom stepped up to the plate and delivered. They bought blankets and Aunt Linda embroidered each blanket for the guests. The blankets were a hit! Amber also loved the custom made chair covers that were made of burlap and had their monogram stenciled on it. The thing that meant the most to Amber was the poem of her grandfather’s vows on their program who had passed away but was still able to be a part of the wedding day.

In the next year five years, Amber and Evan see themselves with at least one child (who is due in September), Evan finishing school and taking the honeymoon they didn’t get a chance to take.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Amber: We were introduced to Adam by Jonathan with Earl James Photography. After we booked Jonathan and mentioned we were interested in a videographer he suggested Adam and after talking to him we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else. He was absolutely amazing! I only talked to Adam on the phone and through email since I was in Texas. The day of the wedding was the first time I had met Adam. He was able to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease. I would absolutely recommend Adam to other brides; he was a true professional and him and Jonathan worked great together! A huge thank you to him!

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.