Brittany + Trevor

Wedding date: July 17, 2015

Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Florist: Hanna Style Designs (Centerpieces, arbor, cake and ceremony arrangements) and Bailey’s Blooms (bouts and bouquets)
Cake: Colorado Rose Cake Company
Caterer: Tony Rosacci Catering
Dress: Lazaro from The Bridal Collection
Make up: Nicole Marie Makeup
Hair: Jaded Beauty
DJ: Garman
Harpist: Mary Keener
Photo Booth: Pic Share Us
Photographer: Taylor Jones Photography
Videographer: Adam Fusion Films – Adam Bradley
Design: Privé Events
Day of Coordinator: Glam Events

The celebration of love through marriage always brings people together and for Brittany and Trevor it did just that. Brittany and Trevor first met each other through Mike, Trevor’s brother, and Jen, Brittany’s best friend. The group of friends went to a show at a comedy club where Brittany and Trevor briefly met each other. After a couple of years Mike and Jen were getting married where Trevor was the best man and Britany the maid of honor. This became a match made in heaven! Trevor and Brittany talked every day after the wedding until Trevor invited Brittany to come to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Brittany was a little hesitant but decided to make the trip. They had an amazing weekend and it was then that they knew that they were meant to be together.

After four years of dating, Brittany was turning 30 and Trevor had a big surprise planned for her. The birthday celebration started off with Trevor telling Brittany to pack her bags for a weekend getaway. On the way to the airport they made a pit stop at a restaurant near their house to meet Mike and Jen for drinks. When they got there, Brittany was greeted by close friends and family who yelled surprise! Once dinner was over, Brittany and Trevor headed to the airport where a trip to Chicago awaited them. Their trip was full of amazing restaurants, sites and a perfect hotel. Brittany was as happy as she could be. As they flew home on Monday morning, Trevor told Brittany that he had one more surprise for her — her thought, how could there be more? When they got home, Trevor had an outfit picked out for Brittany and then they were back in the car for a drive that led to a helicopter waiting for them.

The helicopter flew over Denver and landed in the mountains at the Ken Caryl Manor House. Brittany was led to the back of the house where she overlooked the mountains. As they walked, Trevor said, “That was an amazing trip, there is only one way to end it, by starting a new one.” As he said this, he got down on one knee. Then he said the words that Brittany had been waiting to hear since the moment she met him, “Brittany Ann Barry, will you marry me?” With tears streaming down her face, Brittany could barely answer Trevor as she was overtaken with happiness.

Brittany and Trevor said “I do” as they were surrounded by their loved ones. They loved their seeing each other for the first time that day and dancing at the reception. Brittany loved getting ready with her girls and seeing everything come together perfectly.

After the wedding, Brittany and Trevor took a honeymoon to to Saint Lucia —Brittany said it was the best trip ever!

We had the privilege of working with Taylor Jones Photography. Here are a few images they captured from the wedding day:

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