Broadmoor Wedding Video | Madison + Austin

It’s always an honor to film a wedding for a military couple. Watching Madison and Austin exchange vows at the chapel at the Air Force Academy and shoot their Broadmoor wedding video was a moving and beautiful experience. But before we get to the big day, let’s go back to how the couple met and fell in love.

With a Little Help From Facebook, and God

Madison and Austin met for the first time during their junior year in high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although they both had crushes on each other, Austin claimed Madison was “out of his league.” After graduation, they went their separate ways for college. It wasn’t until a couple of years after their college graduation they reconnected.

But leave it to Facebook and the “People You May Know” feature to be the matchmaker. Austin’s Facebook suggested he might know Madison and he sent her a friend request. She immediately accepted. He dropped her a message after she approved the friend request. Facebook messages led to texts, and texts led to phone calls.

At one point Austin headed back to Phoenix and Madison picked him up from the airport. In the airport parking lot, they shared their first kiss. The Sunday before Austin flew back to Arkansas, the priest at church shared the verses from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7—the famous scripture about what love is. Both Austin and Madison knew at that moment their connection was a Divine Intervention.

A Festive Proposal

When it came to the proposal, Austin incorporated a long-standing family tradition. Each Thanksgiving his family shared Turkey Notes—a fun little roasting session of each family member. With careful preparations, Austin planned the proposal with every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed.

He invited Madison’s dad over to join them for dessert and then had Madison’s mom and stepdad sneak into the house (Madison knew that if both of her parents were in the same room then a proposal was coming, so Austin had to get creative). It was the last Turkey Note of the night and Austin unrolled Madison’s note.

It read:

Turkey life, turkey mate,

Turkey wants to set a date.

For two special people to declare their love,

With the blessings of family and friends both here and above.

With that said, I’ll get done on one knee,

And ask, “Madison, will you marry me?”

The more that Austin read, the more Madison blacked out. By the end she lost all words and could only nod her head repeatedly, acknowledging her yes. Madison was finally able to get an actual “yes” out after a few moments of shock and excitement passed. As she turned around, Madison saw all the right people surrounding her—her dad, her mom and stepdad, Austin’s family, and some close friends.

Stunning Colorado Springs Wedding

Madison and Austin loved every part of their wedding from the sentiment of the Air Force Chapel to the stunning views of The Broadmoor. One unique thing that stood out from the wedding was the number 29. They exchanged their vows on the 29th of July. Austin’s number in football was 29. He was also promoted to first lieutenant on the 29th, promoted to captain on the 29th, graduated from the Air Force Academy on the 29th, and their first date was on the 29th.

Another incredible moment had to do with Madison’s wedding band. Before reconnecting with Madison, Austin had bought an infinity ring for his future wife, without knowing who she would be. He placed it around his neck with his dog tags so it would be close to him until the day he would pass it along to his wife. When they exchanged rings, Austin took the ring from his dog tags and gave it to Madison as her wedding band. Amazingly, without trying it on before the exchange, the ring fit perfectly on her ring finger.

What Was It Like Having Aflātis Create Your Broadmoor Wedding Video?

When asked how it was to work with Aflātis Films, Madison said, “My wedding planner had done a recent wedding for a couple who got married at the Broadmoor, and I just so happened to stumble upon their video—which I loved and it was Aflātis!! Once I met our photographer, Steve Stanton, whom highly recommended Adam, as well, I knew it was the perfect fit.

Everyone who has seen our video says it the best/most unique wedding video they have ever seen. The way Adam captures all the most important moments is unbelievable. We highly recommend Adam to anyone who is planning their wedding and wants an epic videographer to capture the most important day.”

Vendor List

Ceremony Venue: United States Air Force Academy Cadet Catholic Chapel – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Reception Venue: The Broadmoor

Food & Cake: The Broadmoor

Floral & Décor: Design Works

Dress: Berta

Hair: Lisa Palacios

Entertainment: Mannequin the Band

Photographer: Steve Stanton Photography

Videographer: Aflātis Films

Wedding Planner: Celebrations by Maggie

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.