Coryn Nelson Photography Wedding Presets | $49

Our CNP Presets will help any wedding photographer achieve a clean and classic look. CNP Wedding Presets are always in style. Easy to import so that you can achieve a timeless look with just one click.

The CNP Wedding Presets are clean, classic, and timeless. Utilizing these presets will help streamline your workflow. No matter what camera you shoot on, these natural styled presets will be the perfect addition to your editing style. They maintain the darks and lights while emphasizing natural skin tones.

Coryn Nelson Photography believes in shooting true to form and desires to shoot as close to “in camera” as possible. The CNP Wedding Presets will enhance what you have captured no matter if you are shooting indoors or outdoors.


6 beautiful natural light presets:

CNP Clean
CNP Clean Light
CNP Glow
CNP Sunset
CNP Film
CNP Mood

4 beautiful B&W Presets:

CNP B&W Contrast 
CNP B&W Film
CNP B&W Matte
CNP B&W Moody

before + after

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Aflātis was absolutely fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Adam is so extremely talented, innovative, and easy to work with. He was so flexible, reliable, professional and on top of it is a great person.
– Lexie + Chris | Sheridan, WY


Adam soared above and beyond my expectations as a cinematographer, as a professional, and just as a person in general. He is a genius, creatively and literally one of the best all around people you will ever meet. I highly encourage you to check out his work. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Aflātis!
– Kristen + Austin | Colorado Springs, CO


My friend told me to book Aflātis. It was the best decision I made! Adam was generous in the process and kind to my family and friends, who of course now adore Adam as well! If you are looking for someone who will take your creative ideas and roll with it, someone you can trust and someone who loves capturing love, Adam is the only choice.
 – Ami + Seth | Napa, Vegas, Aspen, CO


I reached out to Adam once we were planning our wedding and he was a blast to work with. I was a little nervous since we did not meet him until just a couple of days before the wedding but he was AWESOME! Adam worked so efficiently and was so fun and kind. We are so happy to have worked with him. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
– Kelsey + Tom | Anchorage, AK


To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.