Estes Park Wedding Film | Kim + Enrique

Kim and Enrique have a love story that sounds like it could be from a romcom. But we had the honor of capturing this story in their Estes Park wedding film and want to go in a little more detail here in the blog. Read on to learn how these unlikely lovebirds met and fell in love.

The Movie-Quality Meeting

Imagine this—a Spaniard living in Hong Kong meets a Filipino-American living in Los Angeles while both were on a happenstance trip to Cambodia. The first goes for work and the other for leisure. 

Kim was the last one to board her flight, caught Enrique’s attention, and ended up sitting right behind him. Enrique couldn’t come up with a reason to talk to her though. But when they deboarded the plane and waited in line for immigration, they had their first interaction. It was short-lived though since Kim had to go to a different place in the airport than Enrique to get her landing visa. While that could have easily been the end, they crossed paths again at baggage claim. It was then that they really starting talking, and the rest is history!

Kim and Enrique dated for a few years, and then while on vacation in New Zealand, Enrique planned to propose to Kim. There were several moments when Enrique was about to pull the trigger and something kept going wrong. First, it was when they reached the peak of a mountain, and later on when they got done with some nighttime photography, shooting the Milky Way. Finally, they were having a deep talk in an outdoor jacuzzi when Enrique was able to pop the question. And of course, Kim said, “yes!”

Estes Park Wedding Film Captures a Huge Celebration

For Kim and Enrique, traveling is a way of life. So for their wedding, they arranged a two-week road trip throughout the southwest, with their wedding smack-dab in the middle of it. They reserved all the rooms at a small hotel in Estes Park, Colorado so they could party it up with all of their closest friends and family for three days. From whiskey tasting to group hikes, the couple and their loved ones bonded, many of them meeting for the first time!

For the wedding ceremony, one of Enrique’s closest friends was the priest and they had a beautiful, intimate, Catholic ceremony at Chapel in the Rock in nearby Allenspark. Some of their favorite moments from the ceremony were reading their vows to each other before the ceremony, which they did from either side of a wall so they couldn’t see each other. And that made that first look when Kim walked down the aisle towards Enrique that much sweeter.

The couple celebrated their union at the Stanley Pavilion, a newer venue at the legendary Stanley Hotel. And the exuberant group partied until they shut down the venue, and then took the festivities back to the hotel. Kim says another favorite moment may have been seeing a video of her dad taking shots with some of her friends at 4 in the morning after they all made it back to the hotel!

What the Future Holds

In true Kim and Enrique style, their honeymoon involved exploring caves in Vietnam and taking a road trip through Japan. After having their entire relationship be long-distance, Kim and Enrique are just so happy to be together and wake up next to each other each morning. Eventually, they plan to grow their family and of course, continue adventuring!

We asked Kim and Enrique to share what working with Aflatis was like, and they responded, “We found Aflatis after a series of leads through Instagram. We did not work with Adam directly during our wedding [they worked with an associate videographer] but have met up with him before the actual event to get to know one another as he is the main editor of the videos. He is a sweet guy who adores and puts his family first, a trait we both admire. He has a natural flair for creativity and intuitively captures the essence of a couple through his video creations. We would definitely recommend him.”

Thank you so much for all the kind words, you two. We couldn’t be happier for you!

Vendor List 

Ceremony: Chapel on the Rock/ St Malo Church

Reception: Stanley Pavilion

Cake: Shamane’s Bakery

Flowers: Floral Designs of Europe

DJ: A DJ Connection

Hair and Makeup: Captivate Beauty

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia 

Photographers: Yoohoo Photo 

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.