Gracie + Carey

Wedding date: August 31, 2014

Ceremony venue: Tin Cup Town Hall
Reception venue: Bride’s family cabin
Caterer: Crested Butte’s Personal Chefs – Dana Zobs
Cake: Sally Johnson
Florist: Misty Mountain Too Floral
DJ: High Mountain DJ
Hair and Makeup: Alchemy Artists – Brittany Slaughter
Photographer: Sarah Kathleen Photography
Videographer: AdamFusion Films – Adam Bradley
Wedding coordinator: Princess Productions

Gracie kept up with the family tradition and went to the University of Colorado. While there, Gracie continued another family tradition and met the man of her dreams at his fraternity house — Gracie’s grandparents and parents have a similar beginning to their love story by meeting at a fraternity or sorority house. Gracie and Carey started off as friends and the friendship continued when Gracie spent a summer aboard. When she returned home, Carey asked her on their first date…and from there a love story was being written.

After graduating from college, Gracie and Carey moved to Carey’s home state, California, and began a new adventure in San Francisco. Gracie and Carey, along with friends, Emma and Cam, went backpacking to the Lost Coast and into Wheeler Beach. The group decided to camp on the beach for the night and enjoy some well deserved relaxation. Before heading back to the camp site, Carey knew that it was a picture worthy moment…he dropped to one knee and asked Gracie to marry him…and she said yes!

Wedding guests were invited to celebrate with Gracie and Carey with a weekend of festivities in Crested Butte and Tincup. The days leading up to the wedding included a night on the town, mountain hikes, and a brunch for family and friends. Tincup provided the perfect backdrop for Gracie and Carey’s nuptials. It was the place that brought them joy, peace, adventure, happiness, and so many memories and they wanted their guests to experience the same feelings.

The day was filled with family sentiments of getting married at the same church that Gracie’s parents and riding in old family cars. A special memory of the day were the books that they carried their rings in. Carey’s said “I’ll keep you safe” and Gracie’s said “I’ll keep you wild”. These words have always been their ‘unofficial” vows to one another and having these messages carry their rings was a special and intimate detail that most people didn’t see. Carey loved feeling the excitement of seeing his bride and Gracie loved her little brother, Joe, surprising them by singing as she walked down the aisle.

After the wedding, Gracie and Carey went on a four day “mini-moon” to Aspen where they hiked. They will be having their honeymoon in Thailand where they will spend two weeks.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Gracie: We found Adam online and would highly recommend him to other couples. He was easy to work with and fit into the day so smoothly. We appreciated the care he took in shooting each element and the dedication we felt he gave to all the details. We are very lucky to have found him and gotten a chance to work together.

I had the privilege of working with Sarah from Sarah Kathleen Photography. Here are a few images from her blog that she captured from this special day:

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To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.