Highlands Ranch Wedding Video | Krissy + Jeremy

When Krissy and Jeremy asked Aflātis to shoot their Highlands Ranch wedding video, we were honored! Their wedding would take place at the historic Highlands Ranch Mansion, just south of Denver. Not to mention, their love story was so sweet, we couldn’t wait to see what their wedding day would have in store. But before we get to the wedding, here is how the two met and fell in love.

Third Time’s a Charm

They say “third time’s a charm,” and it couldn’t be more true for Krissy and Jeremy. The two met in 2013 at a downtown Denver restaurant where they chatted at the bar for a few minutes. Before parting ways, they exchanged phone numbers. Jeremy put in his name as, “Jeremy loves U!!!!!!!!!!” and Krissy misspelled her long, Polish last name.

Later that night, Jeremy sent Krissy a text but never heard anything back. The next week, Jeremy sent Krissy another text, and on a whim, Krissy responded. Jeremy asked Krissy on a date but the timing didn’t work out and time passed on. The third text did the trick when Krissy texted Jeremy about the date he promised her. Their first date took place a few days later and Jeremy’s prophesy of love turned out to be true.

World Travelers

It’s safe to say that Krissy and Jeremy love to travel—and travel together! They were on a European/North Africa vacation to Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands, and Iceland when Jeremy decided to pop the big question. After five days in Morocco, Krissy and Jeremy were looking forward to the modernization of Amsterdam, if even for a night.

Jeremy planned a romantic date for their one night in Amsterdam. The date included a luxury hotel on the canal and a boat ride to see the city. Their boat driver found a reason to tie the boat up in front of the iconic Skinny Bridge. A nice gentleman came up to Krissy and offered her a bouquet of flowers. When she politely declined, he insisted they were for her and free of charge.

When she turned around to look to Jeremy, he was down on his knee with his grandmother’s ring, asking for her hand in marriage. She gave a resounding “yes” and they celebrated with champagne and a delicious dinner.

Highlands Ranch Mansion Nuptials

Krissy and Jeremy exchanged their “I do’s” in front of 250 guests and gave them a wedding experience they would not soon forget. The venue was one of the most critical aspects of their wedding, and the Highlands Ranch Mansion did not disappoint. The Mansion offered exquisite bridal and groomsmen suites and spacious grounds for the wedding. The grounds and rooms of the property allowed guests to flow from event to event while taking in the stunning views and details of the mansion. Most importantly, the space kept the party going all night long.

Krissy loved getting ready with those closest to her—her bridesmaids—and being serenaded by Jeremy and his friends during the reception. Krissy and Jeremy, both, loved the moment where they looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged their vows and their unforgettable sparkler send-off.

A Time to Celebrate

The happy couple treated themselves to a pre-wedding honeymoon that took them back to Amsterdam and the Amalfi Coast of Italy. They celebrated King’s Day, the most significant national holiday in Amsterdam. Not to mention, they enjoyed riding bikes and exploring the streets of the city. Italy featured the same explorations through the streets of Positano and Capri.

For their honeymoon after the wedding, they found adventure and relaxation on the islands of Hawaii. They spent the first half of their honeymoon in Kauai where they went hiking, swimming, and helicoptering. The second portion of the honeymoon treated Krissy and Jeremy to all the luxuries that Maui has to offer with spa retreats, restaurants, and shopping.

As Krissy and Jeremy start their married life, they are excited to build to a life together where they grow in their careers, one day start a family, and continue their travel adventures. In the near future, they are looking forward to their trip to Singapore and Bali.

What Was It Like to Have Aflātis Film Your Highlands Ranch Wedding Video?

When asked what it was like working with Aflātis Films, Krissy said, “Aflātis Films was recommended to me by Films About Love, who was recommended to us by a friend. We received several recommendations, but Adam’s work (that I viewed on his website) caught my eye in particular.

We wanted a professional, edgy film rather than a simple/traditional wedding video, and the fact that Aflātis included aerial footage definitely won us over. They were absolutely wonderful and I would recommend Aflātis Films to anyone and everyone, especially those who appreciate the art of cinematography.”

Vendor List

Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion

Caterer: All Love Catering

Cake: The Market @ Larimer Square

Florist: Abloom, Inc.

DJs: DJ Chonz

Makeup: Ally Triolo

Photographer: Drew Jensen / Steve Stanton Photography

Videographer: Aflātis Films

Wedding Coordinator: TGE “The Gardner Effect” Events – Adrienne Gardner

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.