Jessica + Dustin

Wedding date | November 7, 2015

Venue and vendors | Sand Petal Weddings – Florida 

Jess grew up around motocross, as she watched her brother brother race, and evidently found herself working at the races. As she got older, she became the trophy and 30-second girl for professional races. Growing up at the races, Jess never thought she would fall for a racer…enter into the picture Dustin. He was the AMA ATV Champion for two years and carried a certain confidence that drew Jess in. With a little help from their friends, Jess and Dustin started talking and innocently flirted, expecting that nothing would come to fruition. As time passed, they kept talking and became more serious. Dustin found his way to Georgia, where Jess is originally from, and she thought that they maybe had a good chance to be together. With a sudden shift in the motocross industry, Dustin found himself moving to Pennsylvania to work for his parents at their boat business. He asked Jess to move with him and she reluctantly followed him up north where it was cold. With the no job, no friends, and no family the first year in Pennsylvania was very tough but things were about to take a turn for the better. 

Jess and Dustin were together for seven years when a proposal came from Dustin. It was days before Christmas and Jess was busy preparing for their family gathering. Dustin asked Jess if she wanted to go for a horse ride that morning – her first thought was “wow, I can’t believe he wants to go riding!” She quickly told Dustin no and that she had too much to do…he was panicked! They had agreed to not get any presents for each other that year so that they could pick something out together, so when Dustin said he had something for her horse Jess was not very happy. He promised that it was something small and that she should go to the barn to see what it was. Jess thought that Dustin was undoing a knot in the mane and went over to take a look. When she got there, she found a red bow with a ring tied to the mane. With Dustin’s proposal, Jess said yes! They celebrated with hugs, kisses, and champagne. 

I do’s were exchanged on the beaches of Florida. A beach wedding was just what Jess dreamed of and was perfect for a stress-free day. They loved their first look and Dustin later admitted that he was trying to not pass out. Being surround by family and friends on the beach was a dream come true for Jess and Dustin. 

Their romantic beach wedding was followed with a honeymoon to Key West where they watched boat races and loved riding around on their scooters.

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