Kara + Mac

951 University Avenue. For some it was a place to sleep, for others it was a place to have a good time, and for some it was just the beginning.

Kara and Mac had met each other a few times through mutual friends with attending CU-Boulder but it was the summer that Mac graduated that changed everything. Both, decided to stay in Boulder for the summer and when Mac saw Kara at the University Townhomes pool he knew that he wanted to see her more. That night, Mac decided to throw a party and text Kara his famous words, “beer pong partner?” After 13 consecutive wins, Mac was finally able to Kara to agree to go out with him. As summer came to an end and the temperatures cooled down, Mac headed home to California and Kara finished school. Through countless texts, endless calls, and numerous flights Mac and Kara kept their story going. Once Kara graduated, she flew to Newport Beach to start her life with Mac.

California is famously known for Sequoia National Park, with towering trees, tranquil water streams, and breathtaking rock formations – all things that a true Colorado girl cannot resist. You could say that visiting Sequoia National Park was on Kara’s California bucket list after she moved there to be with Mac. The time finally came to go explore the massive trees and let’s just say that the trees did not disappoint. Kara and Mac came across an area known as “The Senate.” Kara thought it was the perfect spot for a photo op. Mac was getting the GoPro set up to take the picture that would capture him, Kara, and the magnificent trees above them. As time ticked by, Kara looked down to see what was taking Mac so long and found him down on one knee. In a surreal moment, Kara found herself engaged to the love of her life.

The perfect moment continued as Kara and Mac celebrated their engagement. The cell service was not ideal for Kara to share the news with her family, so Mac had told her that he had set up a private room with a land line and champagne to celebrate. When they got to the room, they were surrounded by their family. Kara’s family had flown in from Denver, Dallas, and New York and Mac’s mom drove up from Orange County to add to the surprise. They all spent the weekend together celebrating, going back to “The Senate,” and making a lifetime of memories.

Vail was the perfect place for Kara and Mac to get married – it provided everything they loved: Colorado, the mountains, the memories, and that fresh Colorado water. As guest arrived for the weekend celebration, they were given a bottle of Colorado water with a map of Vail and some of Kara and Mac’s favorite spots. Family and friends were surrounded by the Rocky Mountains as the all-glass venue with a retractable ceiling let in the breathtaking views of Vail. Kara and Mac shared an unforgettable first look between the chapel and a stream. The intimate moment was a treasured part of the day, even as they could feel the excitement and energy from their arriving guests. They also got to share a special moment during the reception – during their college days, they would spend several days at Cosmo’s pizza in Boulder and Mac had some pizza specially delivered for his bride. In her words, “it was everything.” Kara and Mac loved sharing their unforgettable day with their all of their family and so many friends that had shared their “Boulder days” with them. A special moment for Kara was walking down the aisle to Mac, arm-in-arm with her dad. Kara and her dad talked the entire way down the aisle and it was a special moment for her to share with her dad as she walked to her future. Mac’s special moment was when the band played “Mr. Jones,” by The Counting Crows and the dance floor erupted at Mac was hoisted up on shoulders…several times. The night ended with a sparkler send-off where they were able to run through twice!

Kara and Mac spent their honeymoon traveling around Italy. Positano, Capri, Venice and Lake Como were all on their list of travel destinations as they took private boat rides and explored all that Italy had to offer. There was no shortage of views, boutique hotels, and delicious food and wine.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Kara:  Adam came recommended by a few of our other vendors. We really liked the videos we saw on his website but it was our initial phone “interview” with him that had us sold. He insisted on getting to us know as a couple before talking about any sort of logistics which made it feel so much more intimate and exciting rather than a business transaction. On the day of the wedding Adam spent some time in the bridal suite as the girls got ready and it never felt to me like there was a “vendor” hanging around the room; he fit in so organically and just felt like another friend in the room. I’m not sure if it’s normal for a videographer to calm your nerves but his easygoing demeanor and genuinely happy spirit was so comforting for Mac and I who don’t typically love being in the limelight. We truly enjoyed working with Adam and would recommend him time and time again!

Wedding date: August 20, 2016
Ceremony venue: Vail Interfaith Chapel
Reception venue & cater: The Sonnenalp
Florist & decor: Something Styled
Music: Suzanne Porter & Rockslide
Hair & makeup: Janie Rocek
Photobooth: Denver Photo Booth Rentals
Photographer: Joel Bedford Weddings
Videography: Aflatis Films
Wedding coordinator: Sara Brown Weddings – Sarah Bernstein

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.