Kristen + Austin

Wedding date | September 12, 2015

Church venue | Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Reception venue and caterer | The Mining Exchange — Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa
Florist | Cathy Thurlby Designs
Cake | The Makery Cake Company
Hair | Jeunesse Salon — Yvette Markle
Makeup | Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry
DJ | Amore DJ Entertainment — Matt
Wedding coordinator | Cheryl Finley
Photographer | Elevate Photography — Ali
Videographer | AdamFusion Films

For some, love comes at first sight — as is the story for Austin. Kristen on the other hand didn’t even know who Austin was. Austin first laid eyes on Kristen when she was visiting his college and her then-boyfriend. Kristen was in the dorm building and happened to glance out into the hallway where, Austin was walking by…shirtless. There was brief eye contact, Austin gave a cheesy smile and the moment passed. As time went on Kristen and her then-boyfriend broke up and all was forgotten. But for Austin he never forgot about Kristen. A friend of Kristen’s called her one day asking if she knew Austin Roff; Kristen said no, she hadn’t heard of him. The friend then fills Kristen in on the fact that “he is obsessed, and won’t stop talking about [her].” With the help of Facebook, Kristen finds Austin and sends him a friend request. He quickly accepted and messaged her asking if she was the girl in Brock’s room that one time. Kristen told him yes and then he asked her on a date…without ever officially meeting. With Kristen still being in high school, Austin drove 30 miles to her house to have dinner with her and her family. The first date consisted of some quality time with Kristen’s family as she left him alone to go to a basketball meeting. He was a trooper and hit it off immediately with her family.

After seven years of long distance dating, Austin told Kristen to block out December 6th because he had something fun planned. One the morning of December 6th, Kristen woke up to breakfast in bed and a love note with instructions to pack an overnight bag and be ready by 9am. At 9 o’clock sharp, a car was picking Kristen up and driving her to the Broadmoor Hotel where she had a spa morning waiting for her. After her spa treatments, Kristen was met by Austin and was taken to their room for the night. As she is getting ready for their 4 o’clock dinner, Kristen realized that she forgot her winter dress coat. She tried to persuade Austin to let her go home and grab it but Austin had a tight schedule to keep and told her no. Austin led Kristen outside to walk around the lake — to which she was freezing — at about the halfway point Austin pointed to where they were having drinks and its the same place they started. Kristen was not very happy to hear the news since she is outside in the Colorado winter without proper winter attire. As they are made their way back to the building they came across a bridge where Austin stopped in the middle, got down on one knee and proposed. With an exuberant yes from Kristen, a photographer and videographer popped out of the bushes to capture a few more moments from the proposal. When they made it back to the building, both sets of parents, Austin’s grandparents and their best friends were waiting to celebrate.

A breath-taking proposal was followed with a break-taking wedding day nine months later. The first look was a nerve racking moment but oh-so special and a favorite moment from the wedding day. They also loved their choreographed first dance that got the reception started off right! The 1920’s style wedding was perfect to celebrate the love between Kristen and Austin.

The newly Mr. and Mrs. Roff took a 12 day honeymoon to St. Lucia where they relaxed by the pool, drank fruity drinks and did some reading. Their 24/7 butler added to the relaxation and was a nice treat for the honeymoon. They also took a sunset cruise to see the Pitons.

Kristen and Austin look forward to growing and evolving together, starting a family and spending everyday with their best friend.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Kristen: I was on alllllll of the wedding websites researching videographers when I stumbled upon Adam’s website. I watched the first video and was in AWE while crying at the amazing wedding video…then I watched the next with the same response, then the next, etc… I knew I HAD to have him. It was Super Bowl Sunday and I felt bad, but I immediately texted him and got a reply within minutes. I would recommend Adam to anyone and everyone looking for a videographer. I think he is the most talented videographer I have ever come across.

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.