Liz + Gabe

Wedding date: June 14, 2015

Wedding venue: Black Canyon Inn – Estes Park, CO
Reception venue/Caterer: Twin Owls Steakhouse
Cake: Colorado Rose Cake Company
Cake Topper: Itty Bitty Wood Shoppe
Florist: Floral Design of Europe
Wedding dress: Marry Go Round Bridal
Hair: Alli Kvorkian
Makeup: Alli Beach
Guest book: TotallySalinda
DJ: Top Hat Entertainment
String Trio: A Lyric Ensemble
Videographer: Shot by Douglas Koke and Edited by AdamFusion Films

When looking for love, Liz and Gabe were waiting for the perfect match and what better place to look than After answering all the questions and looking at profiles, the best match came when Liz and Gabe met. Fast forward four years and Liz and Gabe are inseparable and a proposal is right around the corner.

Liz was ready to take the next step and began bringing up the engagement talk but every time Liz brought it up Gabe hinted that it would be a while before they could afford to be engaged…and Liz bought it.

Gabe wanted to take Liz out for a birthday dinner celebration and of course Liz accepted since they would be out of town on her actual birthday. Gabe made dinner reservations at Brenner’s and Liz was looking forward to a great steak! Liz and Gabe and had the perfect dinner setting in a solitary courtyard that was surrounded by trees, waterfalls, and hanging lights.

Liz commented that this was the perfect set up for a proposal but Gabe convinced Liz that it was just a birthday dinner, and she bought it. After the waiter took their drink orders, Gabe surprised Liz with a present. He pulled out a picture book he created on Shutterfly and Liz immediately started crying, thinking it was so sweet. The book was filled with notes and tons of pictures from their last four years. Liz was crying so hard she never noticed Gabe get on his knee. As Liz got to the back of the book, she read a page that said, “Will you marry me?” Completely shocked, Liz looked up and Gabe was on one knee holding her ring. Liz says it was the best night of her life!

Liz and Gabe got married in Estes Park, Colorado and gave their guests the perfect Colorado experience. Guests partook in Liz’s favorite Colorado activity, going up Trail Ridge Road and hiking. The wedding brought all of Liz and Gabe’s closest family and friends together, from all over the world including Hawaii and South Africa, to enjoy a romantic and relaxed environment. The color pink was used throughout the ceremony and reception to honor the memory of Liz’s mom. It was beyond anything they could imagine and brought Liz’s Pinterest wedding board to life.

Some of the favorite moments from the day were the first look and the thunderstorm that took place during the ceremony. Liz and Gabe were so excited to see each other for the first look after months of planning and buildup. Like every couple who gets married outside, Liz and Gabe were constantly checking the weather. They were given perfect weather right up until the ceremony when the thunderstorm moved in. The ceremony was filled with thunder and rain but it brought laughter, memories, and awesome pictures.

Liz and Gabe followed their wedding with a two week excursion traveling the islands of Hawaii. Gabe loves Hawaii, so it was a dream come true and Liz grew up on Oahu so it gave them a chance to visit family who were unable to come to Colorado for the wedding.

As they begin their life as husband and wife they are looking forward to doing life together. They are excited to grow old together and to see where God leads them and their family.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Liz and Gabe: Oh man… we were so blessed to find Adam. We decided to hire a videographer at the last minute. We started searching frantically and came across his website and a few others. As we sent out inquiries, many videographers were booked, but almost every one of them recommended Adam. We were thrilled to find out that Adam would be able to work with us. From start to finish, the process was easy. He’s an awesome guy and very fun to work with. Plus, his talent and work ethic speaks for itself. Thanks Adam! (Doug and Kris were awesome too!)


To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.