Liz + Joe

DJ: Dan Sheridan and Ray Utterback – in Aspen
Make-Up: Katherine Gordon
Hair: Ramona Ashcroft
Venue: The Little Nell – Aspen Mountain Club atop Aspen Mountain
Florist: Susan’s Flowers & Gifts – Susan Burr
Cake/Cupcakes: d’Elissious Cake Studio of Aspen – Elissa Buckley
Officiant: Dan Bosco – Crossroads Church in Aspen
Videography: Adam Bradley with AdamFusion Films
Photography: Rachael Grace Photography – in Denver
Wedding Coordinator: ANY Events Aspen – Angela Yosten
Wedding Favors/Centerpieces/Misc. Decor: EAM Creative, Inc

Liz + Joe had a gorgeous wedding up in Aspen, CO. It was my first time in Aspen and I loved every second of it. I met Liz through a local photographer and new friend, Rachael with Rachael Grace Photography. It was a great connection working with Rachael and I really enjoyed getting to know Liz the Owner/Creative Director of a full service design agency EAM Creative, Inc. Working alongside fellow artisans always makes the day more fun! After the wedding, I had an opportunity to ask Liz a few questions about her and Joe, and her wedding day:

Adam: How did you and Joe meet? 

Liz: In New York at a Bally Total Fitness.

A: What was the best part of your wedding day? 

L: The ceremony.

A: What advice would you give to future brides/grooms? 

L: Marry your best friend, respect each other with honesty, support and unconditional love always.

A: Where did you go on your honeymoon? 

L: Maui, Hawaii

A: If you could do it all over again what, if anything, would you change?

L: Nothing!

A: What were some of the moments that made your day special? 

L: The weather clearing up just when we needed it to. The amazing views from the top of the mountain.  The love we felt from our small, intimate party of family and friends.

A: How was it working with Adam Bradley? 

L: Awesome! His professionalism and sense of humor made it easy… we never really knew he was there, never got in the way at all! Adam just has a warmth about him that entirely blends well with Joe and I. We like to engage ourselves with people who clearly love what they do and do it with integrity and spirit… that is Adam.

Aspen wedding-003

One aspect of shooting wedding videos that I love is getting to meet new and incredible people. At Liz’s wedding, I had the opportunity to meet a Denver photographer named Rachael. Her and Liz had been friends prior, and that made the environment even more fun to shoot! You can find her website here, and you can also see a few images from the wedding:

Aspen wedding-011 Aspen wedding-026 Aspen wedding-030 Aspen wedding-035 Aspen wedding-041 Aspen wedding-043 Aspen wedding-044 Aspen wedding-048 Aspen wedding-055 Aspen wedding-065 Aspen wedding-069

Thanks for taking the time to look at some of the wedding videos and photos from Liz + Joe special day! Please feel free to look around and check out more on this site. For one final video… I have also included a 16min video of raw footage that was gathered from Liz + Joe entire wedding day. It includes clips from the Wedding Story video as well as over 10mi worth of footage that did not, and with just as great as quality. Enjoy!


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