LUTs Package — Everyone Needs a Signature Style

Any successful videographer has a style that sets them apart from other filmmakers. It’s a necessary part of creating something others are excited about. There are lots of ways to go about developing a signature style and we think our LUTs package can help.

First of all, we are excited to now offer LUTs packages that color grade your film to give it the feeling your clients crave. Your clients who don’t know much about videography don’t know quite how to put it into words. But they do know there is an obvious difference between the look and feel of unedited video and the final film you deliver. As filmmakers, we know the change comes in the editing process and LUTs have a lot to do with this.

Aside from our editing tools, we love to provide in-person and online workshops for aspiring videographers. These workshops are also geared towards those looking to improve their craft. One of our favorite events is our Masterwork workshop geared towards photographers who want to add videography to their offerings. 

You don’t have to be local to our workshop locations to benefit though. Stay tuned to learn about our online education as well. If you’re looking to take your videography skills to the next level, Aflātis would love to help. Make sure you check out our Sales page as well as sign up for our emails to make sure you know about our upcoming events.

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.