Mandy + Alex

Wedding date: June 12, 2016

Venue: Baltimore Museum of Industry
Caterer: Hunt Valley Catering
Cake: Crystal Thomas
Hair and makeup: Blown 25 – Pamela
DJ: Top Hits DJ
Wedding coordinator: Reverend Amy Snider
Photographer: Naomi Lynn Photography
Videographer: Aflatis Films

A spring fling turned itself into a summer romance and then into a lifelong love.

Mandy and Alex met in the spring of 2014 on the beach volleyball courts at Rash Field in Baltimore, Maryland. During the summer they found themselves on bike proms, scavenger hunts, hanging out on the rooftop deck, and quickly dating. Since that spring they have left their mark all across the globe in their travels and love for one another.

After a couple of years of dating, Alex made Mandy a wood-burned box that held four cubbies inside. Each cubbie represented a time in their relationship together. The first cubbie was “the past.” It held pictures from their childhood and quarters from the states where they grew up (Alex told Mandy the Idaho quarter was less than easy to find). The second was “the beginning.” Alex kept the wine cork and flower from their first date on June 21, 2014. The cubbie also held other memorabilia from the early days of their relationship. The third cubbie was “the fun,” that included coins from their trips to Chile and Canada. There were also pictures, race bibs, and other treasures that Alex kept from along the way. The last cubbie was “the future.” In the cubbie was a simple note that said, “I don’t know the where or the what (Alex was about to move from MD to AZ) but I do know the who and I want to spend my life with you. Remove the top cover.” Wood burned into the lid of the box was, “will you marry me?”.

Mandy added to “the future” cubbie with a simple, three-letter word…yes.

Mandy and Alex exchanged “I do’s” at the Baltimore Museum of Industry in-front of family and friends. They had their first look on Federal Hill that overlooked Rash Fields, where they first met and where their relationship grew over the years.

Their special day was marked by having their loved ones surround them and writing every detail of their wedding ceremony. It added the personal touch that they were looking for. One of their favorite moments was the blessing and welcoming of each family to the other family as two became one.

A day of wedded bliss was followed by a honeymoon in Cancun to their first ever all inclusive resort. After all of the crazy trips they had been on, this was relaxing and the perfect honeymoon for Mandy and Alex. They went to two different Mayan ruins, kayaked, swam in cenotes, repelled down into a cenote, and ziplined.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Mandy: Adam and I were in the same Masters degree co-hort. I got to know him in an academic setting but he was always so profoundly artistic in everything he did. Adam was great to work with! He advocated for us with our wedding photographer so that I got what I wanted (and didn’t have to sound like a crazy bridezilla). He was flexible and listened to how we wanted our wedding to look. So glad we chose Adam (and Adam chose us as well). I would 100% recommend him!

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