Molly + Barclay

Wedding Date: June 26, 2015

Wedding Venue: Snowmass Chapel
Reception Venue/Caterer: Tempranillo Restaurant
Cake: Franck Thirion
Flowers: Carolyn Flowers
Dress: AnnaBe
Suits: JCrew
Hair and Makeup: Salon Tullio
DJ: DjNaka G
Wedding Planner: BlueBird Productions
Logo Artwork: Amanda Crawford
Photographer: Brumley and Wells
Videographer: AdamFusion Films

Molly and Barclay’s story starts in Aspen, Colorado. They first met at the salon where Molly worked and where Barclay came in for haircuts. In casual conversation, Barclay asked his stylist, and Molly’s best friend, Linda, out for a night of Tequila tasting around town. The trio had a blast and Molly caught a glimpse of how cool Barclay was. The friendship continued when Molly found out that Barclay was the executive chef at one of her favorite restaurants, Pacifica. With the encouragement of her friends, Molly started to give hints to Barclay that she was interested. As time passed, Molly and Barclay found themselves in Southern California. Molly was traveling with her brother and Barclay was moving out to his apartment. They met up at The Bungalow Bar and soon enough Barclay was traveling with Molly for the week…and the rest is history!

After one and half years of dating the proposal came on October 18th. It was the off season in Aspen so Barclay thought that a staycation for him and Molly would be perfect. They rented a home overlooking Aspen Mountain. Molly invited a few family member and friends over for some pre-dinner cocktails. After their cocktails the guests left it was just Barclay and Molly. Barclay left Molly in the kitchen and went into the master bedroom where they had a fire going from earlier. Barclay called for Molly to come to the room and when she walked in she found him on one knee in-front of the fireplace. After Molly realized what was happening and that it was not a joke, Barclay stated to tell her about the diamond that belonged to his grandmother. After saying yes, Molly and Barclay spent about fifteen minutes crying and laughing when they started to smell something burning…their dinner that they left cooking in the kitchen. The celebration continued the next morning when Molly thought that they were going to Barclay’s mom’s house for a birthday celebration for her but it turned out to be an engagement celebration. Another big surprise was Molly’s parents being able to join in on the celebration…and again the tears started to come for Molly.

Molly and Barclay’s favorite moment of the day was their exchanging of the vows and looking out at their guests and seeing everyone that they loved. Their vows gave them a chance to express things that they had never shared before and they loved that they were able to proclaim those things in-front of all of their loved ones. Photos of all of their grandparents’ weddings were scattered around the venue, all but one grandparent has passed away, so it was a special way to include them in Molly and Barclay’s wedding. Molly and Barclay love entertaining people and their wedding was no different. Barclay and Molly sat their wedding guests at reception tables with people they thought their guests would like to meet. They are still hearing stories about the friendships that have formed from the seating arrangements!

The newly married couple will be taking their honeymoon in November to St. Bart’s where they cannot wait to be back on the beach together. As they begin their life together, they are looking forward to seeing the world together, becoming parents and enjoying all the moments in-between.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Molly: I was going through a tough time trying to find the perfect videographer, as it was the most important aspect of our wedding and as I was researching, I came across a video of a girl who I knew from Aspen. I contacted her and she raved about Adam so I then reached out to him and we began amazing conversations and immediately I knew that he was the one! He is such a talented, sweet, easy going, hard working and artistic individual and I would recommend him to ANY bride. We didn’t get the pleasure of having him on our special day but due to him wanting extra footage, we got to meet him a few months after and we are so blessed that he was willing to travel back to Aspen to make the perfect video! He went above and beyond and I could not have asked for a better videographer. Did I mention how sweet he was?

Here are a few extra films we put together from our time with Molly and Barclay:

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.