Mt. Princeton Wedding Video | Taylor + Ben

Nothing makes for a more romantic wedding than being surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks and natural hot springs. And that is just what we got to be a part of when we created Taylor and Ben’s Mt. Princeton wedding video. But before we get carried away talking about that beautiful day, let’s revisit how Taylor and Ben came to be a couple.

Every Girl Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

Taylor and Ben knew each other for several years before there was ever any hint of a romantic relationship. Ben lived with Taylor’s brother, and since their family was close, they often hung out in group settings. Taylor’s sister, Erynn, tried to play matchmaker. At the time, Ben was sporting quite the mountain man beard which Taylor did not find attractive.

But just a few months later when they were all out to dinner, Ben showed up with a clean-shaven face and Taylor saw him in a whole new light. After Taylor commented to Erynn about it, Erynn made sure Ben knew Taylor had a change of heart and they were together from that day forward!

Surprise Proposal

Taylor and Ben dated for several years when Ben decided to ask Taylor to be his forever. While Taylor was preoccupied with her niece’s baptism, Ben worked with Taylor’s sister Erynn to surprise Taylor with a proposal after the event.

Taylor thought they were going out to dinner after the baptism to celebrate the day’s events. But when they showed up at the restaurant, she found herself surrounded by her family and closest friends. Gold balloons spelled out, “Will you marry me?” Of course, she said, “yes!” and the wedding planning began.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Wedding

Taylor and Ben tied the knot on July 28th, 2018 at the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. Taylor and Ben were a very hands-on couple when it came to their wedding—meaning they preferred to create many of the features of the big day themselves.

For example, with the help of Taylor’s mom, they made all the wedding desserts and decorations by hand. Dear family and friends put together all the centerpieces and the floral arch used during the ceremony. These personal touches made everything that much sweeter.

Taylor shared perhaps the most incredible moment of the wedding was when she first saw Ben standing there at the end of the aisle as she began her walk towards their future. Readings and songs performed by family and friends were also very dear to their hearts.

Following the wedding, the newlyweds celebrated with a honeymoon in Costa Rica. There, they experienced the perfect combination of ecotourism and relaxing at the beach at an all-inclusive resort. After they got home, Taylor and Ben added a new member to their family—a precious pup named Winston!

What Was It Like to Have Aflatis Create Your Mt. Princeton Wedding Video?

When asked what it was like working with Adam and the team, Taylor said, “We heard of Adam through friends, Holly and Josh, who got married a few years before us and he did their wedding video. I loved her video and experience, and she provided me with their contact information.

Working with Adam and his team was great, they were very friendly, professional and very talented. They made us feel very comfortable and natural during the whole experience. I would recommend them to anyone considering a wedding video.”

Vendor List

Venue/Caterer: Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

DJ: Aaron Markham at Elevated DJ

Wedding Dress: Bridal Collection

Suits: Al’s Formal Wear

Photobooth: Picture Perfect

Floral Personals: Goosebumps Flowers

Photographer: Cassie Madden Photography

Videographer: Aflatis


To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.