Nicole + Jason

Date of Wedding: October 12, 2013
Venue: The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park
Photographer: Laura Gravelle
Photo booth: The Traveling Photo Booth
Videographer: Adam with AdamFusion Weddings
Florist: Sarah Tedford with Ladybird Poppy
DJ: James Sherwin
Caterer: Cabin Creek Smokehouse

Shannyn: What do you and Jason do for a living?

Nicole: Jason is a student advisor at Ashford University and I am a freelance photographer and a pastor at a church plant in South Denver.

Not only were Nicole and Jason planning a wedding but they were also in the middle of helping plant a church. With grace, Nicole and Jason still loved each other when the planning was done.

N: It has been a really busy season, but we are doing the things that we love, so it made it all worth it.

Nicole and Jason started off as friends with no sparks flying between them.  Nicole and Jason reconnected when Jason moved to Denver and he sent Nicole a text asking her out. After a few dates, they decided that being “just friends” would be best. As the summer was ending and as they became best friends, Jason’s feelings for Nicole started to change with the weather and by the fall they decided to give dating another try. Fast forward six months and there was a ring on her finger.

A romantic night on the town was just what the couple needed and was the perfect time for Jason to pop the question. Nicole tried to add a couple of twists to Jason’s plan by trying to have another couple join them and by suggesting post-dinner plans but Jason stuck to his guns and got to the part where they were sitting by the river and he was asking her to marry him. … she said yes! After the moment of shock passed, Jason had one more surprise for Nicole: their friends were waiting nearby to celebrate with them.

Including their friends became a theme for their wedding day from their wedding party to the experience they wanted their friends to have as they celebrated with them.

Nicole and Jason had an incredible wedding party that was full of friends from the past and present. They had lifelong friends, friends they met internationally, and friends that were a part of their daily lives. Just about every person in their wedding party has a special nickname, showing how close the bride and groom are to their wedding party. One of Nicole and Jason’s favorite parts of the day was looking back on all their friends who were holding sparklers as they drove off from the reception.

Nicole and Jason wanted a venue location that was unique and one that wasn’t like all the other venues that they had been to when attending other weddings. This is when they found the Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park. They fell in love with the stained glass windows that were on the barn and the uniqueness it added to their wedding vision. One of the special things that Nicole and Jason had at their wedding was a video booth. Nicole saw a wedding video out of Tokyo that had a slow motion video booth and they knew that they had to have one at their wedding before it became a big trend. Not only did Nicole and Jason love it but their guests loved it, too!

S: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

N: We’d love to be running around with a few kids, still doing planting churches and going on adventures. We’re so excited to see what’s around the corner.

S: How was working with Adam?

N: Adam is great to work with! From the first time we sat down with him, we were immediately comfortable with him (we even ended up going out for lunch with his family right after!). He was incredibly professional, and has been great with communication throughout our process. I’ve already recommended him to other brides and I’m looking forward to continue recommending him.

Here are a few photos from Nicole + Jason’s wedding taken by the talented Laura Gravelle. If you are interested in finding more about her or her wedding packages, please check out her site at

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