Tera + Dan

Wedding Date: July 20, 2014

Venue: Spruce Mountain Ranch – Larkspur, CO
Caterer: Tony Rosacci Fine Catering
Cake: Tony Rosacci Fine Catering
Florist: L. Weddel Designs
Bridal Attire: The Bridal Collection
Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
DJ: A Music Plus
Photographer: Studio JK Photography
Videographer: AdamFusion Films – Adam Bradley


A 5K run, spaghetti, and drinks with friends sounded like the perfect combination for Tera and her friends… and Dan and his friends. Tera was trying to get in a good workout before her next leg surgery and the Irish Snug Running Club was the perfect opportunity. Before the running started, Dan was doing his extensive stretching routine when he noticed Tera across the way and he knew that he would have to be on his “A-game.” All he could do was pray that he would be able to keep up with friends and that Tera and her friends wouldn’t pass him and hear him gasping for air. After the run it was time for the delicious spaghetti dinner. Dan was on the lookout for Tera and Tera was on the lookout for that spaghetti. The two ended up in line next to each other and Dan complimented Tera’s height (being 6’7’’, Dan liked being able to see eye-to-eye with a woman). Tera, was a little embarrassed and the conversation ended. But Dan wasn’t going to give up that easily – he spent the rest of the night trying to find Tera and finally found her and got her number. The rest is history.

Tera and Dan were up in Minnesota visiting Tera’s family when Dan decided that it would be the perfect time and place to propose. The morning started off with a run, like Tera and Dan often do when they go on vacation, but Dan found that his nerves were getting the best of him and he was having a hard time keeping up with Tera. After stopping several times to regain composure, Tera and Dan were at the spot that he was going to propose at. Dan went in to give Tera a hug and start for the romantic speech, but like any girl, Tera shrieked for Dan to not touch her when she’s all sweaty. With the setting set, Tera picked up on a few clues and knew what was coming. With a little help from Tera’s parents, Dan had the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal and with a trembling hand asked Tera to marry him…she said yes and the weekend celebrations began!

Tera and Dan tied the knot at Spruce Mountain Ranch to give them a rustic, yet elegant outdoor wedding. It was the perfect place for out of town guests to see the Colorado mountains but still be close to the city. The day had little touches of Minnesota and Missouri, where Tera and Dan grew up, like Minnesota popcorn and Missouri brewed beer. Tera and Dan loved walking the property before and after the wedding ceremony just the two of them to take in the memories and special moments of the day. After a light rain followed the ceremony the sky was filled with a double rainbow, making the perfect backdrop for Tera and Dan’s day. They loved line dancing with family and friends and Tera and Dan wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The perfect day was followed by a honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico.

Shannyn: How was working with Adam?

Tera and Dan: Adam was a pleasure to work with.  He is very professional and personable.  We would definitely recommend Adam to others.  He made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera.  It felt like having a good friend film for us.  We are very happy with our decision to have a videographer.

I had the privilege of working with Studio JK Photography. Here are a few of their images from the day:

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To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.