Vanessa + David

Wedding date: April 23, 2016

Rehearsal Dinner Reception: House Rock Kitchen Buena Vista
Venue: Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort
Caterer: Mount Princeton
DJ: Mark Franzen
Photographer: Drake Busch Photography
Videographer: Aflatis Films
Wedding Coordinator: Christa Gatewood

Rewind to 2009 and Vanessa and David were meeting at Earl’s in Denver. It was the beginning of a great friendship and an even better love story. Vanessa and David kept their meeting to just a friendship that lasted for five years before they tried their hand at something more than just a friendship. It turned out that the more than “just friends” worked out as Vanessa and David took the next step in their relationship.

After five years of being just friends and 10 months of dating, David decided it was time to make their friendship last a lifetime. With a little persuasion, Vanessa reluctantly went on a trail run with David to Mount Falcon, one of their favorite running spots. At the top the of trail, David proposed to Vanessa and she said yes! She was also very glad that she decided to go on the run after all.

Vanessa and David exchanged their personal vows in front of family and friends at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. The breathtaking Rockies stood as the backdrop for the ceremony and gave all of their out-of-town guests a glimpse of the Colorado beauty. With the clouds rolling in from the mountains, Vanessa and David had a spectacular first look and it became one of their favorite moments from the day. A close friend officiated the wedding, which added one more personal touch to the wedding day. They loved being surrounded by their loved ones as they celebrated their marriage and danced the night away!

The streets of Asia were calling their names after the wedding! Vanessa and David traveled to Hong Kong and Thailand for their honeymoon. They say they ate their way across Asia as they had amazing barbecued meats in Hong Kong and delicious curries in Thailand. They were able to enjoy the authentic food that Asia provides across its’ lands and do it together as they started life as husband and wife.

Shannyn: How did you hear about Adam? Would you recommend him to other couples?
Vanessa & David: Christa, our wedding planner, found him for us. It was a wonderful experience, based on his due diligence and commitment to capturing the right moments. We knew the video would be amazing. We received lots of positive feedback and even the drone footage set the mood beautifully. We would absolutely recommend Adam. The video speaks for itself!

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.