Backyard Wedding Film | Tiffany + Jacob

What an unusual wedding season! As with everyone planning a wedding during these strange COVID times, Tiffany + Jacob had to pivot from their initial wedding plans. But this couple ended up with a beautiful wedding in Larkspur, and we were so honored to create their Colorado backyard wedding film.

Snapchat for the Win

Tiffany and Jacob can thank Snapchat for their initial connection. They met through friends of friends a few years before they started dating. But one day, Tiffany randomly sent a goofy picture of herself to Jacob on Snapchat. Jacob’s response of “hawt”  triggered conversations that led to dating that eventually led to marriage! So, good work Snapchat!

While they were dating, Jacob lived in Atlanta, and Tiffany resided in Denver. So, they dated long-distance for two years, and then Jacob moved to Colorado in October 2018. Jacob knew he wanted to propose to Tiffany at City Park. The park is special to them because when they were dating long-distance and Jacob would visit, they’d often go to the park to hang out and walk Tiffany’s dog.

So as it was getting closer to Christmas, Jacob said that he needed to get a picture of them to send to his mom for their annual “New Year’s letter.” Tiffany eagerly suggested they go to City Park to take the photo. This was exactly what Jacob was counting on. So they went to the park, and Jacob set up a tripod to take a picture. Truthfully, he set the camera up to record a video. And then he asked Tiffany to marry him!

COVID Backyard Wedding Film

Tiffany and Jacob had initially planned to get married at the Denver Athletic Club. But, because of COVID restrictions, they obviously weren’t able to have a big wedding at a public venue. So Tiffany’s brother graciously offered to host a more intimate wedding in their Larkspur home backyard. Tiffany’s vendor team, friends, and family did an incredible job of making their wedding beautiful and special. Even though it wasn’t the wedding they’d originally planned, everything was lovely.

Tiffany + Jacob’s wedding had lots of unique features. Because they had to scale down the wedding, they were able to livestream the ceremony so that people who couldn’t attend were still able to be a part of it. Another way their wedding was unique were all the special ways they honored Tiffany’s dad, who had recently passed away. They had his Corvettes parked out in front of her brother’s house, and you can see in the video we did a lot of filming in front of them too.

Tiffany also shared she knew her dad was helping out from above because it rained all day until about ten minutes before the ceremony, and then it cleared up for the festivities. And during the reception, they had everyone dance to the slower piano version of the song “Memories” by Maroon 5, which was both emotional and cathartic.

While there were many emotional moments, the couple and their loved ones also had a ton of fun! Tiffany and Jacob had a dance floor brought into her brother’s backyard and Tiffany even had a pair of bridal sneakers to change into when it was time to hit the dance floor. Some moments to remember were definitely when the groomsmen danced around with a toy lawnmower and when Tiffany did the worm (coolest bride ever)! 

What’s Next?

I think we could probably agree we are looking forward to a little normalcy, which couldn’t be more true for Tiffany and Jacob. Aside from COVID and having to replan their wedding three times, Tiffany lost both her parents in the last year. So when we asked Tiffany and Jacob what they were looking forward to, the simple and beautiful things made the top of the list—life together, loving each other, and having a family. They also got a new puppy, and since they couldn’t go on their honeymoon they put that money into buying their first home!

Considering how difficult this season has been, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful wedding or greater couple than Tiffany + Jacob. It was a real honor to be a part of their big day!

Kind Words

When we asked Tiffany and Jacob about their experience with us, they shared these kind words, 

“We heard of Adam through our photographer, Coryn.  Adam and Coryn were both amazing. They are amazing at their jobs but also just amazing people—people you trust and want to be friends with. 

Adam helped us out in a time of need due to COVID and all of our rescheduling. We really wanted to live stream our ceremony since we could only have a certain number of people and many people couldn’t make it because of coronavirus. Adam made this happen for us. It was simple and user friendly.

He helped us come up with some unique options and packaging for our wedding video since this was a bit out of the ordinary. He also worked with us and helped utilize my dad’s Corvettes and other aspects of our family that were important to us.”

Thank you so much, Tiffany + Jacob for letting us be a part of your wedding! You took all of the challenges in stride and handled them gracefully. We are so happy for you.

Vendor List:

Venue: Tiffany’s brother’s Larkspur home

Caterer: Picnic Basket Catering

Florist: Honeycomb and Co.

DJ:  Diamond Empire

Hair for Bride, Bridesmaids, and Groom: Alexis Alba at Muse Modern Salon

Makeup: Makeup by Heather B

Dress: Blue Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Badgley Mischka for the heels, followed by “bride” tennis shoes from Betsy Johnson 

Photographer: Coryn Nelson Photography

Videographer: Aflātis

Wedding Coordinator: Wanda at Blue Linden

To ensure the excellence of our films, we take on a limited number of weddings per season.